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Leisure & Tourism

Businesses in the leisure and tourism sector understand the real value of customised merchandise. Dinks offers them an established and trusted partner to deliver a wide range of quality branded products.

We work with some of the highest profile premium gift stores around the world. Our customers include Glyndebourne Opera House, St George’s Chapel and Lord’s Cricket Ground to name a few. From new product design to expanding existing ranges of custom branded goods, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to create quality items that symbolise your business, event or location.

Material sourcing specialists

From branded luggage and travel cases to custom-made fashion accessories and signature giftware, our team of product and material sourcing specialists is dedicated to providing branded luxury goods of outstanding quality. We can work from your artwork or design quality logo products from scratch to your specification.

Challenge us

If you are thinking of developing a new branded gift item or expanding an existing range of quality signature gifts, our product and material sourcing specialists can help.To find out more, call +44 (0)1635278556 or contact us here.

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